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How You Can Find The Best Orthodontist For You

Choosing the right dentist for you can be a daunting task. You can make this task a bit easier when you do a bit of research and know what questions to ask. The right dentist will look after your dental needs for years to come.

Being Registered

It is relatively easy to find a list of dentists in your area, but there is more research that needs to be done. The first bit of research is to check that the dentists on your list are registered. All dental professionals in the UK gave to be registered with the General Dental Council. Professionals who are not registered are not operating legally.

The council is a regulatory body and offers a database on their website where you can check up on the dentist you are considering. They also provide a checklist of standards that you should expect as well as information on the dentist’s qualifications.

While all of the professionals will have to register with the GDC, all dental practices need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission. This is an independent health and social care services regulator. They provide regular inspection reports which makes choosing the right dentist much easier.

The Training And Qualifications

Once you have checked the registration of the dentist and their practice, you need to look at their qualifications and training. All dentists have to complete a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and 5 years of undergraduate training. You will be able to find out if your chosen dentist has completed this on the GDC database

While this basic education is a must, you should also look for any additional qualifications and interests in specialist areas. There are some dentists who complete further education in a specialist area such as caring for anxious patients. If you are unsure about the additional training and qualifications, you should ask the practice about this. If they are not willing to provide you with additional information, they may not have these qualifications.

The Practice And Team

While it is important that the dentist and team have the right qualifications, you need to look at the practice as a whole. You should only choose a dental practice that is well-organised, tidy and clean. A team that is welcoming and helpful is also important as this will make you feel at ease.

The dentist should be someone that you can easily approach and talk to about the dental issues you have. Of course, this is something that you will not be able to determine until you actually talk to them. Calling the practice will give you an idea of what the team will be like and a quick trip to the practice can alert you to any potential problems.

Transparent Pricing And Fees

If you are looking for a private dental practice, you need to check their pricing and fees. If you cannot easily access this information, you need to be cautious. You do not want to have an appointment only to have a large bill that is much more than you were expecting. A good dentist will be open about their pricing and the fees you are charged.

Based on your situation, you should also consider the dental payment plans on offer. This is particularly helpful if you need to plan and budget for your treatment. Finding out about these plans before you book an appointment should be possible.

If you are looking for a dentist on the NHS, you will have to determine if the practice is accepting new clients. You will have to contact the practice to find out about this. It is important to note that the practice may accept new private patients even if they are not accepting NHS patients.

The Operating Hours

The operating hours of the practice are also very important and you need to look at this. While you may have considered location already, the operating hours should suit your needs. If you work a full-time job, you need to be able to make an appointment at a time that suits you. This could be after normal business hours or during your lunch break.

If you have children, there are some practices that offer family bookings. These bookings allow each member of the family to be seen at the same time which is very helpful. Of course, you will need to ensure that the dentist seeing your young child is a paediatric dentist.

Choosing the right dentist for your needs might seem like a daunting task, but there are some steps you can take to make this easier. Checking that the dentists in your area are registered is a good start and you can also check their qualifications. You should also ensure that the dentist offers the services that you need before you book an appointment.

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